The Noise Platform

The “Noise Platform” is a single ANIMA platform gathering all the project’s outcomes and results. More precisely, this unique platform encompasses all the tools developed in the project, the generated data and created knowledge. The platform is fed continuously with information from all partners and currently is under development. Stay tuned, subscribe to ANIMA newsletter and ANIMA team will update you when it is ready.

The first topic developed in the platform was “understanding airport noise and its underlying concepts”. Secondly, ANIMA platform will include best practice cases. The project did a comprehensive study of 14 interventions in 13 different airports for the evaluation of noise management practices. ANIMA classified noise studies following the different initial purposes of the noise management interventions, such as reduction of overall noise footprints, change in the spatial distribution of the noise footprint, etc. 

Finally, the third pillar is the methodology. The research carried out in ANIMA project showed that more effective outcomes can be achieved by supporting airport managers in community engagement, helping the process of prioritisation, and providing information and tools on potential solutions which can then be discussed with stakeholders.