Airport Environmental Challenges: from Noise to Emissions

October 7, 2020

This webinar brought together ANIMA partners and airport end-users to discuss some of the environmental challenges airports are facing today. Airports are at the forefront of the sustainable transition required for transport infrastructure. In line with the European Green Deal, decreasing greenhouse gas and noise emissions is crucial for fostering more eco-efficient airport operations, which can ultimately lead to enhanced quality of life for communities surrounding airports.  The webinar is based on a holistic approach, covering several items. The trip started with ANIMA results on managing the noise impact at European airports and will move on, via noise & emissions interdependencies, to a broader agenda which included the decarbonisation aspects. The perspective of ‘starting the journey’ airports in Central Eastern Airports was the core of this online event.

Transparent noise management and community engagement in the Ljubljana airport area – Publication

July 30, 2020

On 12 December 2019, the ANIMA project organised a workshop on transparent noise management and community engagement in airport areas in Kranj, near Ljubljana.  Just a few kilometres away from Ljubljana airport, one can better understand the impact an airport has on the citizens in its vicinity. Therefore, this workshop wanted to explore the relationship between the airport stakeholders and the local authorities and communities. It is crucial to understand that it does all start with transparent communication. 

Reset and reshape: a new inclusive approach to aviation noise management

Reset and reshape: a new inclusive approach to aviation noise management

July 7, 2020

On June 30, ANIMA project organised a webinar on the topic of aircraft noise post-COVID-19. The webinar gathered almost 200 participants from all over the world and it included contributions from key stakeholders, ranging from EUROCONTROL, to the European Commission, and the Municipality of Rotterdam together with the Rotterdam community and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. ANIMA project partners, with the support of stakeholders, delivered insights on current aviation trends, community experience, and expectations about aviation recovery and noise management. Most importantly, this webinar highlighted that the recovery of the aviation sector after COVID-19 is an opportunity to adopt an inclusive approach to aviation noise management, by fostering dialogue between all the stakeholders, from local communities to airports. To navigate through the webinar, we invite you to read the speech of the ANIMA project coordinator, Laurent Leylekian (ONERA – the French Aerospace Lab). His words will guide you throughout the main outputs of the ANIMA webinar (Aviation Noise Perception after COVID-19): Are we really in a time “after COVID-19”? I do not know. What I know however, what we all know, is that civil aviation is by nature one of the most globalized industry, and as such, it is one of […]

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