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Aviation Noise Impact Management through novel Approaches (ANIMA) is a comprehensive research project which addresses a critical issue for Europe: aviation noise. People living in communities are directly affected by aviation noise around Europe’s major airports. The ANIMA project will seek to directly improve the lives of these people whilst also supporting policymakers, researchers and airport managers to make better decisions which balance economic and regulatory requirements to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.

Workshop Reports

Watch an interview with ANIMA Project Coordinator Laurent Leylekian


Noise Platform

Noise Platform will guide you through examples and practices on noise management and mitigation and on land use planning strategies.


Who is expected to benefit?

ANIMA has not been shaped to provide benefits for tiny fractions of people interested in or affected by aviation noise but for the widest community. We are strongly expecting our project to be of benefit to a wide range of stakeholders.

  • Communities living around airports
  • Airport managers and local authorities
  • Researchers and the European aircraft industry
  • European policymakers

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ANIMA Noise Toolset

The Toolset is a web-based tool that evaluates scenarios through noise exposure and noise impact by introducing annoyance related metrics with an easy-to-use interface. Noise Management Toolset exists in two versions: public, which uses precooked scenarios for non-professional use and advanced version for aircraft noise experts.

ANIMA Research Results

Coordination Research, Publications and Raw Data

ANIMA is a wide-reaching project consisting of research, engagement and the creation of case studies and visualisation tools to help stakeholders make the best possible solutions both economically and socially for reducing noise pollution around airports.


  • Noise coordination research – the aviation noise reduction roadmap is an essential ANIMA task. It has gathered researchers working on noise reduction to develop a joint roadmap, which would take into account not only technical improvements in aviation but also consider aviation noise impacts;

  • ANIMA related scientific publications – the library of articles, posters, presentations and other material presented by ANIMA over four years of the project. The information is categorised into main topics.

  • ANIMA raw research data – to further use project's collected data and scientific knowledge acquired during the project, ANIMA participates in Open Data pilot action and provides access to the research data generated by the different research areas;

Video Training

What aviation noise is about?

ANIMA Virtual Community Tool

The Virtual Community Tool is the underlying research tool exploring and testing new indicators and options that might be relevant to target audiences, such as land-use planning information about location-dependent activities or window insulation. It is a research tool elaborating, testing and validating new indicators, visualisations and options. For more information, please see the demo video.