News Published: 30 Jun 2021

Call for tender – animation video

June 30, 2021

About the project

Aviation Noise Impact Management through novel Approaches (ANIMA) is a comprehensive research project which addresses a critical issue for Europe: aviation noise. People living in communities are directly affected by aviation noise around Europe’s major airports. The ANIMA project will seek to improve these people’s lives whilst also supporting policymakers, researchers, and airport managers to make better decisions that balance economic and regulatory requirements to achieve the best outcomes for everyone. More information:

About the task

ANIMA Project is looking for a service to create a video animation to present and promote its Noise Platform. This platform gathers all the results obtained by the project during its four years. It splits them into three major categories: Understanding aviation noise, Implementing a noise intervention and Advice from other airports.

We aim for an animation video of approximately 2 – 3 minutes, explaining how to navigate across the platform and its main resources (mentioned below). To ensure a smooth final result, we require between 2 to 3 rounds of feedback to be organised between ARC and the service provider.

The video and all elements related to it are the property of ANIMA project.

The problem ( the main “WHY?” of the video)

How can we reduce noise impact? There is a lack of knowledge between the stakeholders, thus having a dialogue is difficult. The ANIMA Noise Platform can provide everyone with more knowledge about the aviation sector and aviation noise, which would improve stakeholders’ communication and dialogue.

Main topics to be covered:

  • Explain the platform and present its three main categories – what is the goal of the platform, what it is trying to solve and what is the methodology behind it;
  • Highlight ANIMA’s main tools:
    • The Noise Management Toolset – a web-based tool that evaluates scenarios through noise exposure and noise impact by introducing annoyance related metrics with an easy-to-use interface. Noise Management Toolset exists in two versions: public, which uses precooked scenarios for non-professional use and advanced version for aircraft noise experts;
    • Virtual Community Toolset is a research tool elaborating, testing and validating new indicators, visualisations;
    • ANIMApp, dynamic maps, social media study;
    • Noise research coordination (roadmap for future research) – ANIMA has undertaken the European coordination of aviation noise research, complemented by the research on noise impact understanding. Through the gatherings of stakeholders, a strategic roadmap has been developed, which addresses different aspects of noise problems that would help to improve research efficiency in each area. Website of ANIMA should be mentioned at this point;
    • ANIMA methodology:
  1. Identification of the need for an intervention, Design of options, Selection of intervention option, Implementation, Post-Evaluation, and Repeat;
  2. Show how equal access to knowledge across all concerned parties can help in reaching consensus and mitigating aviation noise impact;
  3. Main final lessons learned – communicate in advance, engage all stakeholders, explain that each measure should be taken and evaluated separately, there’s no single solution that fits all cases. 
  • What is ANIMA Project in short + This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769627 + ANIMA Logo + H2020 logo.

What are we trying to achieve with the video?

  • Engage with ANIMA target groups through easy navigation, transparent communication and clear information. The four target groups:
    • Communities living around airports;
    • Airport managers and local authorities;
    • Researchers and the European aircraft industry;
    • European policymakers;
  • Reinforce transparent and user-friendly communication with the general public, particularly the local communities, thus encouraging inclusive decision-making;
  • Support knowledge transfer based on the best practices identified in the ANIMA lessons learnt at both European and international levels.




Call for tender launch

30 June 2021

Submission of all bids

13 July 2021

Informing candidates of the selection decision

19 July 2021

Kick-off meeting with a service provider

20 July 2021

Second meeting with a service provider 

28 July 2021

First draft of video

13 August 2021

Feedback rounds and implementation of changes

1st September 2021

Final video

10 September 2021