Videos Published: 06 Apr 2020

People behind the ANIMA Project

April 6, 2020

Within the ANIMA Project, engineers, sociologists and traffic managers are addressing aviation noise throughout a holistic approach. These short interviews present some of the people who are working behind ANIMA.

People behind ANIMA Project - overview

Interview with Laurent Leylekian, French Aerospace Lab

Interview with Ingrid Legriffon, French Aerospace Lab

Interview with Umberto Iemma, UNIROMA3, Italy

Interview with Sonja Jeram, National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia

Interview with Roalt Aalmoes, Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Interview with Olena Konovalova, National Aviation University, Ukraine

Interview with Graeme Heyes, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Interview with Ferenc Marki, Budapest University of Technology and Economics