NewsEvents Published: 09 Sep 2018

Land use planning for international airports in Slovenia

How to implement a comprehensive strategy to reduce annoyance due to aviation noise is a key concern for Ljubljana Airport

September 9, 2018

Ministry of environment and spatial planning has organised a regular coordination meeting to discuss plans for development of three Slovenian international airports at Ljubljana, Maribor and Portorož. Participants at the meeting represented the following stakeholders: Ministry of infrastructure, Ministry of defence, Ministry of health (represented by the National institute of public health -NIJZ), the Institute for the protection of cultural heritage of Slovenia, Slovenian water agency, SHS Aviation Ltd., DRI Investment Management Ltd., Aquarius ecological engineering Ltd. and Spatial Planning Aleš Mlakar IC.

The meeting highlighted the main issues of new plans. The airport of Ljubljana is planning a future railway connection with the city of Ljubljana. The coastal airport of Portorož, which is planning prolongation of the runway, is still dealing with a decision regarding planning all needed measures to protect the nearby Sečovlje Salina natural park. The airport Maribor is planning enlargement of the airport facing issues like use of agricultural land and noise that may represent a problem for the residential areas in vicinity.

National institute of public health (NIJZ) recognised this meeting as a good opportunity to present the work going on in the ANIMA project. NIJZ presented two deliverables: the Pan-European overview of Existing Knowledge and Implementation of Noise Reduction Strategies and the Noise Impact Mitigation Priorities Report. Both documents were distributed to participants as internal meeting documents with a request to provide the project with their comments and suggestions. All stakeholders received the initiative of ANIMA project with enthusiasm and interest expecting that they can benefit from gathered information in their further planning decisions.