News Published: 24 May 2021

ANIMA results presented at the online meeting of aviation representatives

May 24, 2021

On 20 April 2021, an online event was organised by the Committee for Environmental Protection of Association "Airports of Ukraine" and National Aviation University in Kyiv. The event's primary purpose was to present the results of the ANIMA Project (Aviation Noise Impact Management through novel Approaches) and to discuss the environmental safety of airports in the EU and Ukraine.

This conference brought together representatives from ACI Europe, Ministry of Ecology of Ukraine, Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) of Ukraine, civil airports, aviation enterprises, Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise, researchers in ecology and researchers of civil aviation impact on the environment.

The audience of 42 attendees (among them – representatives of 15 airports and aerodromes of Ukraine and one aviation enterprise of Belarus) explored the key issues of aircraft noise management, airport environmental safety and best practices presented in exemplification case studies of the ANIMA Project.

The first part of the event was dedicated to ANIMA’s results and aircraft noise management.

Marina Bilinsky (ACI Europe, Belgium) presented an overview of environmental safety at European airports. She reminded that ACI Europe’s policy, related to aircraft noise, is described in the report "Addressing the Future of Aviation Noise", which was offered to Ukrainian airports participating in the programme "Airport Carbon Accreditation".

Professor Oleksandr Zaporozhets (NAU, Kyiv, Ukraine), a member of the ANIMA consortium, underlined that the ANIMA Project is people-oriented and aims at reducing noise impact on people living next to airports. Analysis of Ukrainian legislation related to noise management indicated the fundamental differences of Aviation Code of Ukraine and EC Directives 2002/30 and 2002/49. These differences may limit the implementation of results of the ANIMA Project at Ukrainian airports. Therefore, to make better use of ANIMA's best practices, it is necessary to start with changes in legislation.

Svetlana Marunich (CAA of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine) presented "Noise monitoring system – NOMOS", a project of CAA of Ukraine in cooperation with NAU. NOMOS is a portal (interactive map) with generalised data of noise levels and contours from all airports of Ukraine for convenient and straightforward access to information. This project aims to increase the level of awareness of communities about the levels and contours of aircraft noise around airports, integration of data from Ukrainian airports in one resource.

Associate professor Olena Konovalova (NAU, Kyiv, Ukraine) presented new methodologies and tools to manage and mitigate the impact of aviation noise resulting from exemplifying case studies of the ANIMA Project and related recommendations on best practices guidelines for effective management of annoyance.

The second part of the online event was dedicated to monitoring greenhouse gas emissions at airports, using environmentally friendly de-icing liquids, and recycling aircraft.