EventsNews Published: 14 Oct 2018

2nd ANIMA technical review: ANIMA project on track to address noise around airports

ANIMA is lead by a pan-European of dedicated scientists and experts in hard & social sciences

October 14, 2018

Amsterdam, 11 October 2018 – On the heels of the release of the World Health Organisation (WHO) report, Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region, partners of Horizon2020 project ANIMA (Aviation Noise Impact Management through novel Approaches) gathered in Amsterdam between 9 and 11 October for the second technical review and project management meeting. The project partners focus their research on noise to provide solutions for improving well-being and quality of life in the EU. The current progress on the activities in the ANIMA project confirms that this issue is being addressed as a priority by the research community, industry and land use planners altogether.

The second ANIMA project meeting was hosted by Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR).

T he second ANIMA project meeting was hosted by Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR). This ANIMA partner is in charge of the tasks focused on improving quality of life and reducing noise impact by addressing annoyance. The event consisted of several sessions: aside from several technical meetings, this was an opportunity to consult with the ANIMA Advisory Board, a group formed of aviation noise experts, independent organisations that tackle aviation noise and policy-makers.

During the working group meetings, the ANIMA partners presented and exchanged ideas on their research progress so far. Notably, some findings came from the review of the existing knowledge and implementation of noise reduction strategies and the critical review of indicators of quality of life. As the project moves forward, the latest ANIMA meeting encouraged the consortium to share their collective effort in order to generate model solutions for the aviation noise challenge faced by Europe nowadays.

Laurent Leylekian (ONERA, France), the coordinator of the ANIMA project highlights the impact of the project: As we pass the first year of this project, we are seeing a high level of expectation from communities and industry on this project, which ANIMA is aiming to deliver. Moreover, the ANIMA project has the potential to provide end-users, such as airports, with novel approaches for noise impact mitigation. Catalin Bulgariu, the General Manager of Iasi Airport (Romania), emphasises the opportunity that the ANIMA project created for the Romanian airport: We are part of the ANIMA consortium and this project is an opportunity for us to learn from worldwide aviation noise experts about noise-wise sustainable development. The ANIMA project is not a project for one airport or for only one local community; it is a project that can be useful for stakeholders all around Europe and our role is to echo the project’s objectives throughout Romania”.

The project continues to be on track to propose new solutions for the management and the mitigation of aviation noise impact, without major risks or delays. Given the positive developments, the ANIMA team is more and more inspired to believe in improved quality of life through noise management and due consideration to annoyance around airports in Europe.