News Published: 20 Feb 2019

ANIMA project and Catania Airport work together on noise reduction strategies and land use planning best practices

The Catania airport is not part of the ANIMA consortium but recently committed in the project

February 20, 2019

At the end of February 2019, ANIMA project held a highly interdisciplinary technical workshop at Catania Airport. The focus was on noise reduction strategies, land use planning best practices and interdependencies between noise and emissions. The local organizer, Societa’ Aeroporto Catania, represented by Prof. Daniela Baglieri and Eng. Daniela Caico, enabled a thorough discussion between local scientists (University Kore of Enna), consultants (Softech Web) and authorities (Catania City Council). The discussion was facilitated by Transport Systems Catapult representative, Dr. Fabio Galatioto, and other ANIMA partners (Dr. Delia Dimitriu – Manchester Metropolitan University; Nico van Oosten and Luis Meliveo -ANOTEC; Ab Hoolhorst and Martijn Blom – Netherlands Aerospace Centre).

The main outputs of this technical workshop are:

  • a Memorandum of Understanding between Catania Airport and ANIMA project (through Manchester Metropolitan University) for collaboration and data provision to support aviation noise modelling and interdependencies
  • provision of data for scenario modelling
  • insights for the balanced approach best practices.