News Published: 12 Mar 2021

ANIMA in CORDIScovery podcast

March 12, 2021

ANIMA Project Coordinator Laurent Leylekian, together with project coordinators of two other projects PARSIFAL Project and ENABLEH2 Project, was a part of a recent CORDIScovery podcast episode which discussed the future of aviation. Choose the platform for listening here.

About CORDIScovery podcast: CORDIScovery is a new monthly podcast featuring a panel discussion between guests at the forefront of their scientific fields. From threats to biodiversity to the future of space exploration, if you want to hear how the EU’s cutting-edge research is taking on the key issues challenging us today, then be sure to download and listen to what Europe’s leading scientists have to say. CORDIScovery is produced by CORDIS, whose mission is to share the results of the very best of EU-funded research.