Events Published: 23 Jul 2018

ANIMA experts transfer knowledge to local stakeholders in Iasi, Romania

ANIMA project sparks great interest in Iasi (Romania)

July 23, 2018

ANIMA experts from Manchester Metropolitan University and Iasi Airport co-organised with the Association of Romanian Airports the International Seminar on Environment Topics and Airport Approaches. During the seminar, ANIMA experts and local stakeholders exchanged ideas on aviation noise and the novel approaches that impact its management that ANIMA can bring forward.

Several ANIMA project partners participated in this international seminar, including the ANIMA communication partner, Airport Regions Conference (Belgium) and Transport System Catapult (United Kingdom).

The leader of the set of activities related to the critical review and assessment of noise impact and related management practices, Delia Dimitriu (Manchester Metropolitan University), emphasised the efforts done in ANIMA project for knowledge transfer: “There is good potential in the area and we wish to transfer the knowledge that we generated from research together with the experts from Iasi Airport to other airports as well. Together with other ANIMA partners, we are here today to develop ANIMA project. The issue of aviation noise and the impact which it has over the surrounding communities are extremely important aspects. Through ANIMA we strive to identify the best suitable solutions”.

The general director of Iasi Airport, Catalin Bulgariu, highlights that Iasi Airport aims to develop sustainably, by paying attention to the “needs of the community, in order to improve their quality of life”. He continues: “We cannot talk about sustainable development without taking into consideration the impact that aviation has on the environment. This is the reason why we are involved in ANIMA project”.