NewsEvents Published: 14 Apr 2020

ANIMA-ANNA exchange on the role of non-acoustical factors when tackling aviation noise impact

April 14, 2020

During the 5th ANIMA project meeting held between 9-12 March 2020, the project began its collaboration with the ANNA group (Aircraft Noise Non-Acoustic). The goal of the meeting was to exchange knowledge on noise impact management. 

The ANNA group mainly focuses on non-acoustical effects of aircraft noise. It comprises international experts in fields such as noise spreading, alternative metrics, alternative communication, noise annoyance, health issues, interdependencies with emissions, etc. 

Both teams of researchers acknowledge that the different perceptions and levels of annoyance people have in relation to aircraft noise are highly connected to non-acoustical factors. 

The ANIMA project presented some of its deliverables to the ANNA working group, such as the common research roadmap on aviation noise reduction, best practice portal, aviation noise community platform, noise management toolset, the mobile application for the assessment of the acoustic and visual environment, and quality of life studies. The feedback of the ANNA working group can further support the enhancement of these deliverables.

Researchers exchanged knowledge and experience on the role of non-acoustical factors and community engagement in addressing aircraft noise annoyance and quality of life. The two teams agree that the cooperation will continue in the upcoming time, with a meeting planned forthe first half of 2021 to jointly review the updated version of the common research roadmap on aviation noise reduction and to further exchange knowledge on aviation noise impact management.