What is ANIMA?

What is ANIMA?

June 14, 2018

ANIMA is a comprehensive research project which addresses a critical issue for Europe: Aviation noise. It is granted and supported by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme of the European Union. The Union is eager to step forward on this issue because it is pinpointed at the crossroad of two European priorities: the capacity of the Union to ensure the highest environmental standards of well-being and living conditions for EU citizens and the EU global leadership on industries and services for mobility and air transport. In these respects, aviation noise and related annoyance are challenging the European leading positions.

ANIMA means Aviation Noise Impact Management through novel Approaches

Why is ANIMA different

ANIMA is claiming to differ from traditional research programmes on aviation noise because it is not focused…on noise! Most of the past research projects are aiming at lowering noise at source – i.e. to design more silent aircraft – or community noise, for instance through innovative noise abatement procedures at aircraft take-offs and landings. These researches are crucial and must be kept on. Though, with ANIMA this is a new approach which is attempted.

We do not endeavour to lower noise but to reduce annoyance. Annoyance is also depending on non-acoustical factors and works conducted in ANIMA are primarily to understand these factors and to alleviate the annoyance endured by communities through these factors rather than by lower noise itself. In that sense, this is an original and complementary approach.

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