Review of noise impact management

Review of noise impact management

June 20, 2018
Regulations on aviation noise are set through a wide corpus of international, European, national, federal and local laws. The efficiency of noise management strongly depends on the good implementation of these texts

This set of activities performs a Pan-European Review of Existing Regulations and Mitigation Strategies as well as a Critical Review of Noise Impact (aircraft noise related health impacts and annoyance studies and implications for noise management). It will also assess existing Noise Reduction Strategies through ‘exemplar’ case studies, including inter-dependencies and Synergies with other Sectors.

The Work Package involves partners from across Europe including aviation bodies, airport operators, airlines, policy makers and researchers, coming together to find holistic solutions to the problems posed by aviation noise.

Objectives of the critical review and assessment of noise impact and related management practices

  • Investigate existing noise reduction and mitigation strategies, focusing on the status of the ICAO Balanced Approach implementation at different European airports.
  • Assess the efficacy of interventions embracing operational procedures, land-use planning (LUP) and operating restrictions with emphasis on the role of non-acoustic factors in the design and implementation of effective noise mitigation strategies.
  • Consider interdependencies; in particular, trade-offs between aircraft noise and emissions.
  • Identify barriers to the implementation of accepted best practices and tools and test them via further engagement with airports and communities in several case studies.

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