Quality of life and annoyance

Quality of life and annoyance

June 20, 2018

This set of activities aims to identify the gaps and evaluate previous interventions in improving quality of life. Also, it will provide new insights on reducing annoyance & sleep disturbance, quantifying the effectiveness of a communication campaign in lowering annoyance and develop indicators and protection regime for night noise.

Furthermore, the use of auralisation and visualisation tools will support engagement with the airport community and stakeholders to identify novel and cost-effective solutions for land-use planning.

Quality of life goes beyond noise issues


  • Categorise and determine relevant non-acoustical factors (indicators) to derive practical and efficient interventions to improve the quality of life and thus reduce annoyance (currently the biggest noise-related psychological indicator of quality of life for residents) and sleep disturbance.
  • Develop novel and cost-effective solutions for land-use planning purposes by exploring the potential contribution of new data sets to inform decision-making relating to land-use and noise mitigating interventions.

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