June 4, 2018

ANIMA is a research project that takes the communities’ concerns at heart: we believe that it is key to truly listen to all stakeholders, all communities that have a vested interest in aviation noise management. Thus, the ANIMA consortium strives to increase engagement and to empower both specialists and non-specialists with decision support capability.

ANIMA is a research project that takes the communities’ concerns at heart

We believe that communicating with transparency and integrity is an impetus for building commonly-accepted decisions and working methods among different stakeholders (researchers, regulators, local authorities, airports, residents, policymakers, etc.). To pave the way towards a shared vision, ANIMA project is working on developing new methodologies, approaches and tools to manage and mitigate the impact of aviation noise. Whilst ANIMA focusses on the mitigation processes, this by no means implies that we consider the source of the noise as unimportant, this is dealt with in other projects (RUMBLE Project and ARTEM Project). Mitigation is necessary to alleviate the burden on affected residents, and It is crucial that all stakeholders are part of the process and are provided with tailored tools and knowledge… This is exactly the purpose of this page.

Whether you are a resident living around the airport, a local authority, a researcher, an airport representative or a policy-maker, the Community page is meant to equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools. Via this page, you can access:

  • best practice and noise reduction strategies
  • studies on long term annoyance
  • noise management toolsets
  • virtual community tool

ANIMA project just started and for the time being, the tools are still under development. This page will be updated as soon as the tools become available. Please stay tuned to be one of the first users to get empowered!

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