ANIMA Deliverables

ANIMA Deliverables

March 1, 2019

D3.1 – Study to identify the gaps – Quality of Life indicators

This document is the public version of deliverable 3.1 of the ANIMA project. It encompasses a critical review to establish the relevant indicators to be studied in WP3 on annoyance and residential quality of life and to inform WP2 ‘case studies’ and WP4 ‘tool development’ on the state-of-art related to quality of life (QoL). This task includes:

  • Literature review to provide an overview of existing indicators for the quality of life.
  • Identify gaps and lack of data for further improvements
  • Alter the original experimental plans in WP3 accordingly
  • Collects the findings in D3.1

D4.1 – Scenarios calculations for listening tests

One of the topics of research in ANIMA is the effectiveness of the use of a Virtual reality device for credible communication and engagement with people around airports. As input to this kind of device one needs realistic noise signatures. This report describes the methodology used in the Simulator, comprised of two tools, FRIDA and SOPRANO, to get noise spectra from data characterizing an aircraft flight. Additionally, a representative sample datafile is described, with which this interface test can be performed, and which will allow for an early detection of any issues interfacing the components

D6.5 – Report on the 1st Scientific Workshop and its Proceedings

This deliverable contains a short report of the 1st Scientific Workshop sponsored by ANIMA WP6. The workshop, with the title Future Aircraft Design and Noise Impact, was held at NLR in Amsterdam on 6 and 7 September 2018.

The introduced presentations are available too !

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