ANIMA Workshop: Transparent noise management & community engagement in Ljubljana airport area

ANIMA Workshop: Transparent noise management & community engagement in Ljubljana airport area

ANIMA Workshop: Transparent noise management & community engagement in Ljubljana airport area

November 13, 2019

In the framework of the Horizon 2020 Programme, the consortium of ANIMA project (Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches) will organise a workshop on the topic of airport noise management: Transparent noise management and community engagement in Ljubljana airport area.

The event will be held on Thursday, December 12, 2019 between 9:00 and 12:40, at the Municipality of Kranj, Slovenski trg 1, Kranj. The event will be followed by a closing networking lunch. You can access a draft agenda here.

Airports are a symbol of inter-regional and global connectivity. However, an airport may affect the quality of life of residents. Airport noise has an impact on local communities, hence the aviation sector must consistently address the concerns of residents, given their increasing influence on planning and environmental decisions at national and local level.

The ANIMA project is a people-oriented research project which actively seeks to engage with affected local communities, to listen to their needs and provide solutions. It has been estimated that one third of annoyance reactions can be explained by non-acoustic features due to the personal, social and situate factors (for instance attitude towards the noise source, etc.). ANIMA project brings together some of the key stakeholders from the European research community and the aviation sector with the purpose of developing solutions to reduce the negative effects of noise such as annoyance and sleep disturbance.

The ANIMA experts will share communication and engagement best practices which could potentially strengthen dialogue between local communities and the aviation sector, by establishing trust and reducing discomfort levels.

Moreover, the event will invite local stakeholders to have their say and to collaborate together on better noise management and community engagement. Local authorities (Municipality of Kranj), local communities, policymakers and aviation actors (Slovenia Control, Fraport Slovenia, Institute of Occupational Safety) will join two panel discussions:

• Panel discussion 1: Operation management of Ljubljana Airport

Panel moderated by an ANIMA project partner, the National Institute of Public Health. This panel aims to show local entities, in a transparent way, how the airport is operated and some of the constraints that decision-makers face when planning airport operations and land use.

• Panel discussion 2: Noise management at Ljubljana Airport – opinion of local communities

Panel moderated by an airport noise expert, who is part of the ANIMA project. The aim of this panel is to provide attendees with a global knowledge about noise legislation, indicators, limits, noise action plans, airport noise maps, and the challenges associated to stakeholder engagement in land use planning. This panel will allow communities to be part of a transparent two-way communication process, which could potentially foster trust in aviation and environmental stakeholders.

This workshop is jointly organised by the Airport Regions Conference (Belgium) and the National Institute of Public Health (Slovenia). 

Thank you and we hope you can join us on this occasion. Should you need further information, please contact us:

• For inquiries in English – or phone +32 2 513 48 85

• For inquiries in Slovenian – or phone 01 2441 555.

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