Latest ANIMA achievements

Latest ANIMA achievements

Latest ANIMA achievements

October 8, 2019

The ANIMA project has reached the halfway point, with numerous results materialising. The project partners have finished assessing noise management practices by carrying out:

  • A survey of regulations implementation and guidance across European Airports
  • An in-depth study on the concept of annoyance and critical analysis of past interventions to lower it
  • A critical review of noise metrics and of their usage for communication and engagement
  • A critical review of the health impact of aviation noise beyond the WHO report
  • A review of the policies and practices in other noise-affected sectors and their potential application to aviation.

Additionally, ANIMA has also been carrying out research on annoyance and quality of life. The following has been performed:

  • A review of indicators used to define quality of life
  • A review of methods to engage with communities in order to test the impact of a communication campaign
  • A review of methodologies for noise-induced awakening and derivation of indicators for night noise protection zones
  • development of AnimaApp, which is a mobile application to capture people’s reactions and responses to aviation noise;

The results are available on the ANIMA website along with user-friendly summaries.

Coming Up

Other important work discussed and carried out refers to the Best Practice Portal which is currently being developed. The aim is to build a gateway which displays comprehensive information and provides examples of solutions and tools for noise management for both airports and local authorities.

ANIMA is also currently building a noise management toolset, which will help airports estimate the impact of modifications made to air traffic scenarios, through annoyance related indicators.

Moreover, the ANIMA project will be present at the Aerospace Europe Conference (AEC2020), an event which will feature 3AF 3rd Greener Aviation, CEAS 7th Air & Space Conference and the 8th edition of Aircraft Noise and Emissions Reduction Symposium (ANERS). The project will have a stand at the exhibition for the promotion of results and for enhancing user engagement, while a number of project partners will disseminate their research in the conference.

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